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Thoughts On Easter

MYTH: A story presented as historical, dealing with the cosmological and supernatural traditions of a people and their God – An allegory.

As a result, biblical stories should not be taken literally; “unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but to them that are without, all these things are done in parables.” Again Jesus Christ said; “The kingdom of God is within you.”


  • There are 12 signs of the zodiac

  • There are 12 tribes

  • There are 12 disciples

  • There are 12 Cranial Nerves in the human brain

  • There are 7 astrological months from Virgo to Aries: Sept/Oct, Oct/Nov, Nov/Dec, Dec/Jan, Jan/Feb, Feb/Mar, Mar/Apr.

  • There are 7 spiritual centers also known as 7 SEALS in the biblical book of Revelation in human anatomy.

  • From the Solar Plexus (the place of the sun) in the human body, the spiritual energy moves up through the 7 centers or seals to impact the pineal gland in the brain. From there it activates the right side of the brain (as Jesus said, “cast your net to the right side and you shall catch more fish.)"

  • Thus, we have the movement of the sun from Virgo to Aries, from birth to the highest point and the movement of the energy in us from the solar plexus to the head. “As above in the universe, so below in the human brain.”



  • The bible say, the crucifixion takes place in Golgotha and or Calvary, both of which means the skull in our head.

  • Jesus carried the cross and we must all carry our individual crosses. That is, we must carry the spiritual energy up from the solar plexus to the skull, through the 7 spiritual centers. (the positive and negative centers constitute the 14 stations of the cross) This means energy will not rise up to the head by itself, we must make it happen. How do we do this? By the 7 spiritual exercises as well as living the life of self-less service to humanity.

  • Simon the cyrene helped to carry Jesus cross. The word Simon means, ‘HEARING.’ Thus, those who hear and understand and are ready to live the spiritual life are those who will carry the cross (energy) up the hill of the spine to Calvary (note, the top of the spinal carnal is like a hill)

  • We must continually work on this cross bearing until the ‘cross’ becomes two pillars (II) in the next Aquarius /Leo and Capricorn/Caner dispensation.

  • Let us end with this ancient quotation: ‘If you die BEFORE YOU DIE, THEN WHEN YOU DIE YOU WILL NOT DIE.” Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!! The spiritual fire in us is raised, it is risen indeed!!


  • Corrine Heline: Mythology and the Bible, Occult Anatomy and the bible, New Age Bible Interpretation vol. v

  • Max Heindel: The Mystical Interpretation of Easter

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