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Autumn Equinox: Its Spiritual Significance

According to esoteric Astrology, confirmed by Corrine Heline, originally, there

were ten constellations. The signs Virgo and Scorpio were united before the

symbolic ‘fall’. After the fall, they were separated, and Libra was inserted

between them. Hence, Libra marks a particularly important milestone in the

journey of the Soul. It is the place where the Soul makes a decision, to go the way

of the flesh, signified by Scorpio – the scorpion, (although, this may be temporary)

or the way of divine Love, signified by Virgo. The symbol of Libra is the scales or

balance. It is air in quality. It is ruled by Venus – planet of Love. Saturn is exalted

in Libra.

Autumn Equinox marks the Sun’s equinoctial point of the solar festivals – ‘a Holy

Season par excellent’. Because this season always ushers in the cold and darkness

of Winter, so it also brings temptation and sin unto man. Yet, since Venus is the

ruling planet, there is always some way of escape from all temptations by the

power of divine Love or by providence. Interestingly, according to the Bible, God

dwells in darkness. This means, by meditating in darkness symbolised by this

season, we activate the Light WITHIN. In the Masonic legend, the murderer of

Hiram Abiff is the story of the Autumn Equinox. The three murderers are Libra,

Scorpio and Sagittarius, and Hiram is the Sun who is raised up at the Vernal

Equinox by the Master’s word.

From the spiritual point of view, we know that initiation is a Cosmic process of

development. Man (the Microcosm) is an epitome of God (the Macrocosm), as

above, so below. During the months of July and August, when the Sun is passing

through Cancer and Leo, the Christ Spirit is blending the principles of water and

fire. In this process, He is building a renewed, radiant, and glorious Life Spirit

body, which He gives as a gift to us on Holy Night. It is this body of Light that

furnishes sustenance to all life. It was therefore fitting for St. Paul to say that “In

Him we live and move and have our being”. We can also blend this water and fire

principles WITHIN our body Temple.

As the Sun enters the sign Virgo in September, this great descending Ray of Life

touches the upper reaches of the Earth. Thus, in this period Nature is suffused

with the overwhelming Love and sublime glory of His great annual Sacrifice for

humanity. Esoterically, the point of Libra is the balance between head and heart.

That is, intellect and feeling/intuition. It is the aim of all people to blend these

qualities within themselves however long it may take, for we are all Christ in-the-


The subject of meditation for Autumn Equinox is the ‘Immaculate Conception’.

During this period, serious students should use this as a mantra - “I am the

immaculate conception! I am the immaculate conception!! I am the immaculate

conception!!! Students can also meditate on the symbolic paintings of the sign

Libra, which is the gateway to the Autumn Equinox shared in the Rays magazine.

It is the task of all students to decide whether they will build their houses (inner

temples) on sand or upon a rock. The biblical text for the Autumn Equinox was

given by Paul, the patron saint of thinking when he said, “Do not conform to the

things of the world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Loving,

self-forgetting service to others is the shortest, the safest and most joyful road to

God”. Who is always WITHIN.

Abraham Obeng


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