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The celebrated Medieval Alchemist (scientist) and philosopher, Paracelsus gave these instructions to his disciples; “I am content with three books from which I may learn very great wisdom. The first is the book of Nature, written not with ink or stylus, but with the fingers of God; wherein are inscribed and registered Heaven, Earth, and all creations therein, through the sacred impress of the Three in one; which volume is called the Macrocosm. The second, a small book, which, with all its leaves and pieces is taken from the larger work, and this is man himself; the same also is the Microcosm. The third book is the Holy Bible, the Holy Writ of the Old and New Testaments which explains to us the two preceding books”. The central motive of his life and works is contained in these words; “Commune with Nature, God’s signature, and go within to find the riches of the kingdom of Heaven. This is the path of true Wisdom”

Humanity in general has neglected nature with all its creations. We have ignored the environment, the climate, the oceans, the flora and fauna, animals of all kinds and the planet itself on which we live. We have done a lot of damage to Nature, and Nature has had enough. If we hurt Nature, Nature will hurt us. Our scholars and scientists have been doing incalculable damage to animals in the pretext of solving humanity’s problems by killing animals in laboratories all over the world. Scientists must learn to blend science with religion. In doing so, they will be able to help humanity better with their scientific knowledge and at the same time save the lives of animals and Nature as a whole.

We have hurt Nature and now Nature is hurting us. This is the operative law of action and reaction. Scientists have told us that, we have hurt the earth through global warming by pumping carbon into the atmosphere, yet nothing has been done to control that. All are witnesses to the horrible conditions at slaughterhouses, where animals are literally tortured to death. In some cases, some of these animals are placed in cages on top of one another so they cannot move and are filled with antibiotics, which we eat. So many different animals, from pigs to chickens are tortured in barbaric ways before they are killed to fill the bellies of humanity. Animals such as bats, rats, dogs and cats are often killed and eaten by humanity.

Science has speculated that the coronavirus came from an animal, possibly a bat. Now, unfortunately, this virus that is killing people has come from animal to human. Whether this virus came from an animal or was as the result of biological weapon experiments that went wrong, it reinforces the fact that Nature has had enough of our damage.

By and large, the virus has spread all over the world and has sadly claimed many lives. In these challenging times, what can we do to lessen the spread of this contagious disease? First, we must all do well to adhere to the official guidelines on cleanliness, hygiene and social distancing, as well as all the advice from World Health Organisation (W. H. O). But fear plays a very important part at such a time. We must hence all learn to overcome fear completely. The Good Book says, “Perfect love casteth out fear”. Thought becomes obviously the most important factor of cure and control under such situations. Fear is paralysing in its effect. It slows down the motion of the atoms of both the mental and the physical bodies. The rhythmic harmony between the several vehicles is disturbed with the inevitable result of dis-ease of some kind.

When an epidemic sweeps across the world, as it is now, the psychic atmosphere takes on a leaden aspect; it is very grey and heavy with the accumulated fear thoughts of the masses. The glaring headlines in the various media and social platforms add to the scare. By staring up emotions of fear through screaming aloud the numbers who are ill, and the fatalities as they increase, added numbers succumb. This alone is a sinister influence of tremendous power. It is largely responsible for lowering the consciousness of the community in times of crisis to such an extent that it becomes a task of major proportions for the average individual to rise above it. How truly, Job spoke for multitudes of others when he exclaimed; “That which I feared hath come upon me”

When these facts are known and acted upon, effective measures can be taken to avoid fear and remain faithfully centred in truth, and in calm and in confidence, meditate on the divine power within that is available wherever called into action. Let us use such affirmations that strengthen poise and faith. The twenty-third and the ninety-first Psalms have magical power for alleviating fear. Let us have these rhythms enter into the very recesses of the subconscious mind by repetition and by meditation upon their divine assurances.

At this time, let us avoid reading about disease or discussing the subject unnecessarily. Let us refuse to permit any of this virus’ lurid details to be pictured upon our minds. The image-building faculty of mind (imagination) is one of the most powerful tools. It may be used constructively or destructively. It can rebuild a broken body or tear down a healthy one. The power to use one or the other lies within ourselves.

As we have abused Nature through selfishness and greed, for quite a long time, let us use this crisis as an opportunity to make amends and transform our lives. Let us revere Nature and all its various creations. Let us love the Lord our God with all our mind, and with all our heart and with all our soul, and then, love our neighbour as ourselves. Let us continue to show kindness, tolerance, friendship and understanding towards all humanity. Let us all UNITE and go forward into the future with COMPASSION.





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