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“With reason’s torch, we search for truth

To restore the harmony life and youth,

For reason’s torch, when thus applied

In wisdom’s quest is safest guide

If we persist, tho’ oft we fail

In time our efforts shall prevail

To end the discord and dispel

All evil with harmony’s rhythmic swell.


The Rosicrucian Fellowship London Centre

Climate change or global Warming is the biggest problem facing humankind at this moment. It is everywhere and has become a global challenge to humanity. Why is climate change happening and has something similar happened in human history? Yes, climate change is inevitable, and the similar occurrence that took place was the oblivion symbolised by the story of Noah and the great flood. When we search into the literature of all the major religions of the world, we find the story of the flood. This means, it was something of a global nature.

Let us examine the truth behind the story. The flood did not happen suddenly. It took thousands of years for nature to prepare the earth’s atmosphere as well as the physiological conditions of humanity to inhabit it. In early Atlantis, mankind lived in the deepest basins of the earth where the mist was densest. We breathed by means of gills and would have been unable to live in an atmosphere such as we have now. The situation is comparable to what the fishes are experiencing now. To inherit this atmosphere, we needed to build lungs in order to breathe oxygen. The changes were for both the climate and our physiological system. Therefore, it is stated that most people perished. That is, those who did not pay attention to develop their lungs never made it to live in this clear atmosphere. They will however follow in due course, for in God’s kingdom, everything is working for good. This was not a punishment from any Deity. We are told by the Christian story that, in the days of Noah, (Noah represents the entire human race) people were marrying and were giving in marriage, they ate, drunk and enjoyed the good life until the flood came.

Humanity is in a similar situation now, because, the oxygen we are inhaling now is becoming too thick and rare for the changing conditions of our physiology and the climate. There is a new element which we are going to use in future. It is called ether, and to use it we need to build in our physiology a soul body. Without this soul body, we cannot function in ether. We will not need oxygen anymore. This is the change that is coming upon us. Both the earth and humanity would be etherised. How do we build this important soul body? It is always by living a life of unconditional love, service to others, compassion, and doing unto others what we would want others to do unto us, (the Golden rule!).

Let us all reason together here, climate change is happening, but the oblivion or extinction will not take place in the next ten, fifty or hundred years. We have about the next thousand years to prepare our bodies to meet the new environment. Nature is the symbolic expression of God. She does nothing in vain or gratuitously, but there is a purpose behind everything and every act, and it is always done in a gradual and improving manner. Yet as in the days of Noah, it is certain that the change will happen. Hence it is imperative that all play their part in this coming change. Let us save the planet for future inhabitants.

We therefore call on Governments around the world to make compassion a central pillar in all their policies to help the citizenry. Governments should try as much as possible to unite its citizens and bring them to the noble ideal envisioned by the great Thomas Paine when he said, “The world is my country, to do good is my religion”. Such is what the invisible governments are urging us in preparation for the universal brotherhood of all nations.

We call on the United Nations to continue to fight for justice and help all leaders to treat their people and the planet with compassion. There is strength in unity, and with united efforts we can solve any problem facing humanity and the planet.

We call on scientists to apply compassion in their researches to come out with humane solutions that will help mankind to make informed decisions affecting their lives. Let us have a blending of science and religion to form a religious science and a scientific religion. This will promote health, happiness and the enjoyment of life in abundant measure, which we all long for. On the change that is coming, we can see the analogy from the science of biology, “The metamorphosis of a tadpole from a denizen of the watery element to one of the airy gives an analogy of the past, and the transformation of the caterpillar to a butterfly soaring in the air is an apt simile.” We will all float in the air in our soul bodies in the far distant future.

We call on religious organisations to continue to live and preach the gospel of love, compassion, charity, purity and self-less service to all their flocks. A simple life of helpfulness to one another can wrought wonders in society.

We call on businesses all over the world to make compassion at the core of their business models. Business and industry are forces for good in society. The technological inventions and the superfast communication systems in the world is a pointer to what is in store for humankind. So, we say, yes, aim for profits but have compassion for the employees. Let us remember, greed hurts both people and the planet.

Yes, we call on the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and the youth to make compassion at the heart of their protests. The youth, who are the future, must consider the option of adopting the vegetarian lifestyle and help the world vegetarian movement to reach all corners of the globe. Let us remember, the change that is coming will demand all humanity to be vegetarians/vegans. In this way, we will all help the improvement of the environment.

We can all see the scale of the challenge and the time frame we are talking about here. When would about 95% of the global population become vegetarians? We hope gradually many people will make the decision to become vegetarians and join vegetarian societies to make the world a humane place to live. There are sayings to this effect; “There are no vegetarian drunkards” and “Wine is a mocker”. We hope we can end this vanity and serve humanity with compassion. This coming change is like humanity going back to the Garden of Eden where we were living side by side with all animals and even symbolically talking with snakes. Compassionate living can only be achieved when mankind stops killing their younger brothers – the animals.

Although, we need help and support from Governments, Religion, Science and other organisations, the real work is to be done by every individual because no one can save one another. They may point the way, but each of us need to walk the way. So, the clarion call is; ‘Let us all come and reason together’ to find a way to live as ‘wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ on this planet.

The great Leonardo da Vinci had this to say, “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do”

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  4. A.U

  5. Asia Pacific Union

  6. Arab League

  7. Vatican

  8. Anglican Synod

  9. World Vegetarian Movement

  10. World Science Federation

  11. World Business Confederation

  12. Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation

  13. Google

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