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Aquarius – The Water Bearer

The study of Astrology is first and foremost the study of the evolution of

the human soul. It helps us to shape our character and to know ourselves

as Gods – Holy Beings. In Astrology, we always say, “Character is


As the earth in its yearly journey around the Sun passes through one sign

of the zodiac each month, so does the Sun by precessions of the equinoxes

pass through each sign of the zodiac; but in this great journey, it takes

2,100 years to pass through one sign and about 26,000 years to pass

through the cycle of the twelve signs. When passing through one sign, it

is called an Age or Dispensation. The Taurian Age was in effect while the

vernal equinox was preceding through the earth sign Taurus, whose

symbol is the Bull. Next came the Arian Age of Fire, during which the

Ram was worshipped as the symbol of the Sun God. Then came the

Piscean Age, Pisces, being a water sign whose symbol is the Fish used by

the great Teacher Jesus, who was the perfected Christ soul of the Arian

Age and was called the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the


Now we are gradually approaching the Air sign Aquarius whose glyph is

the man pouring water from an urn (pot), symbolising the outpouring of

the Spirit upon all Nations or the dispensing of altruistic and enlightening

forces upon humanity, which will then bring about the Brotherhood of

man and the kingdom of Heaven within every individual and on Earth -

“The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN you”. Interestingly, Uranus, one of

the planets ruling Aquarius is known as ‘Heaven’.

The sign Aquarius stands for the humane qualities, beneficence,

friendship, and service to humanity in its highest expression. During the

precessional times when the Sun is passing from one sign of the zodiac to

the next, there are always great disturbances on every plane of life. Old

conditions give place to new, and adjustments must be made in both the

public and individual lives. Every human being is a solar system in

miniature. As his own life passes the cycle of the zodiac, he is affected by

all its’s planetary aspects. As they affect one another, so they affect him.

It is only when man has mastered himself that he can master outer

conditions. In this light, Christ Jesus was able to say, “When we are in the

Spirit, we are above the Law.

Aquarius is governed by Saturn in its lower vibrations and by Uranus in

its higher. Saturn is the limiting, crystallising and testing planet, and

Uranus is the planet which governs revolutions or reforms, electricity,

telepathy and the inspirational and intuitional faculties of man. The Bible

authors make many references and predictions concerning the Aquarian

Age, and all the sages and seers of the past looked forward with hope to

the effect which it would have upon the advancement of the destinies of

the human race. In Matthew 24:30-31, this Age is referred to in the

following prophesy: “And then shall appear the sign of the son of man in

heaven and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see

the son of man coming in the clouds (unseen spirit) of heaven with power

and glory. And he shall send his Angel with a great sound (vibration) of a

trumpet (hum), and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds

from one end of heaven to the other”.

This testing and gathering is now commencing to take place. The four

winds are the Cosmic Forces in the four signs of the fixed cross of the

zodiac which will express themselves in the New Dispensation. The

leader of the four is Aquarius, the source of the outpouring of the water

of life or the mother force contained in the ‘ewer’ carried by the water

bearer. The opposite pole is Leo, representing great strength of love. The

other two are Taurus, which labours with persevering patience, and

Scorpio, the force of the regenerated sex principle. Man develops through

his victory over the lower animal natures of these signs.

No doubt, the Christ was referring to the sign Aquarius when He gave

two of His disciples instructions in preparation for the next Passover; “Go

ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water;

follow him”. It is also referred to in Acts 2:17, “And it shall come to pass

in the last days, said God, I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your

sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions

and your old men shall dream dreams”. The time has now come when we

can no longer afford to ask whether one is a Protestant, Catholic, Jew,

Occultist or what not, but rather how much love has one for his fellowman

and how much of a sacrifice is he willing to make for the upliftment and

unity of humankind. The pouring out of the spirit upon all flesh is to come

about as the New Age progresses. Christ Jesus again said that those who

attained to a consciousness of their oneness with the Father, such as He

had, would have a well of living water springing up WITHIN them into

everlasting life.

The prophet Zachariah also saw this fountain of cleansing life when he

prophesied; “In that day, there shall be fountain opened for sin and

uncleanness”. In Revelation, Aquarius is spoken of as, “One like unto a

son of man, whose hair was white as snow and whose eyes were as a flame

of fire, his voice as the sound of many waters and his countenance as the

Sun shineth in its strength”. Another relevant Revelation passage reads,

“And I saw another mighty Angel come down from heaven clothed with

a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was, as it were, the

Sun, and he had one foot on the land and another one on the sea”, which

seems to mean he, Aquarius was poised in heaven between the earth sign

Capricorn and the water sign Pisces.

Aquarius is the soul of man illumined after being tested and tried by

limitations of Saturn, who guides the soul when passing through the

formative period until it receives the electric shock from Uranus which

breaks down the wall of selfish personality, superstition, prejudice and

crystallised customs. Aquarius, therefore, represents the triumph of love

over prejudices, hatred, superstitions and all limitations, which retard the

soul of man in his evolutionary progress towards his Highest Ideal which

is his conception of God – all Good.

Then, gradually, as we realise the great responsibility that rest upon our

shoulders, the scale falls from our eyes. We no longer ‘see through a glass

darkly, but face to face’. We will recall that, Jacob exclaimed that he had

seen God face to face. That is, his Pineal gland (3rd eye) had been opened.

Our love then expands and reaches to an inclusive humanity. We hear the

cries for help that go up from suffering souls, and we seek to answer them,

to give our sympathy and SERVICE, because we better understand the

universal need.

Spiritual (Occult) Science faces this coming Age of Aquarius, so war will

gradually turn its back and go out having served its purpose. Friendship

would become universal indeed, because we would think with our hearts

and love with our minds. Let us therefore prepare ourselves spiritually to

welcome Aquarius for the eternal benefit of Humanity.

- Abraham Obeng


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