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- MATTHEW 9: 37-38

Invisible Helper - The Rosicrucian Fellowship


When the Lord Christ Jesus was leaving this world, He gave two commandments to His disciples; to preach the gospel and heal the sick. We understand that permanent healing demands the operation of these two commandments. In following Christ’s admonition, the Rosicrucian Fellowship’s work of healing is carried out by the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order through a band of Invisible Helpers who are scattered throughout the world, whom they are directed by the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order to perform their duties efficiently.

The Elder Brothers are classified as High Spiritual Beings through whom the Life Spirit (Christ) is working for the benefit of humanity. We will endeavour to discuss this topic through the writings of Max Heindel in his book, letters to students, as well as invaluable information from the book, Work of Invisible Helpers.


There are people who are able to extract their own vital bodies by an act of Will, who then become citizens of two worlds, independent and free. The Invisible Helpers are therefore individual beings who can function in the soul body and use it as vehicle for consciousness for the beneficial workings of the Elder Brothers for the sake of humanity. They operate the vehicle of a particular patient usually during sleeping time and increase their rate of vibration, direct additional life force into the system, restore harmony and generally build them up.

This magnetic work is performed upon the etheric body of the patient, which is first restored to a state of health, then, this is communicated to the physical body whereupon the patient finds he or she is well. Sometimes, the process works instantaneously. At times, it stretches over a considerable length of time depending upon the gravity of the case of the patient and upon karmic influences.


Invisible Helpers must weed out thoughts of hate, jealousy, prejudice, intolerance, and fear. Anybody who makes the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ or the ‘Ten Commandments’ a part of themselves may become a Helper. Anyone, who has the Laws of God written in his/her heart may become a conscious Helper, regardless of race, creed, colour, or Religion. Invisible Helpers need to acquire knowledge, especially those of Spiritual Astrology and be vegetarians.

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Teachings stress that, Visible Helpers become conscious Invisible Helpers, particularly when one affiliates himself/herself with the Rosicrucian Fellowship and has aligned himself/herself with the Rosicrucian Brotherhood as a probationer or a disciple and particularly lives a life of SERVICE in the day, for service is the core of the Fellowship Teachings, he or she is then allowed to assist in the healing activities during the night.

In summary, the Spiritual qualities required of the aspirant in order to be an Invisible Helper are as follows.

1. FRIENDSHIP: The aspirant must try to have good relations with all people.

2. SERVICE: Invisible Helpers must also be Visible Helpers. We must serve with joy. Always asking the question, “why not I” if a piece of work is to be done.

3. FORGIVENESS: The aspirant must be merciful in order to practice the doctrine of forgiveness.

4. COURAGE: The aspirant must overcome fear and learn to cultivate courage tempered with love.

5. SYMPATHY AND LOVE: The incumbent must cultivate a feeling of sympathy and love for humanity.

6. ALTRUISM AND KINDNESS: The Invisible Helper must be altruistic and show kindness to all people.

7. SELF-CONTROL: The philosopher Goethe said, “From every power that holds the world in chains, man frees himself when self-control he gains”

8. FEARLESSNESS: This is considered the most striking force to aid the aspirant.

9. CHASTITY: The aspirant must try as much as possible to be chaste.

10. COMPASSION: The Invisible Helper must try to be pure in word and in thought. He/she must have compassion for all beings as well as the younger brothers – the animals.

11. HUMILITY: The aspirant on the path must always be modest and helpful.

12. PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION: The aspirant must work all the time, knowing that failure only lies in ceasing to persevere.

13. SACREDNESS OF SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE: Finally, the Invisible Helper must be trustworthy and keep spiritual experiences secret.


Invisible Helpers do not refuse to answer an appeal for help from those who need them. But in order to respond to the Divine force, the people who request for help must also adopt the concept of right living in order to enable the Invisible Helpers perform their work accurately. The Divine healing force is pure. Therefore, if someone asks for it in order to be relieved of any ailments, he/she must be willing to conform to the natural laws of purity: pure air, pure food, pure thinking and pure living. Therefore, co-operaton of natural laws is essential in Divine healing.


All Divine force comes from God, our Heavenly Father who is the great physician of the universe. It is latent everywhere. By concentration, meditation and prayer, it is liberated and directed to the needy which is manifested through the master Christ Jesus. It goes forth from the daily or weekly healing activities held at the Fellowship Headquarters. Through the workings of this supreme great force, the Invisible Helpers raise the vibrations of the patient to a higher rate which enables them to eliminate the disease poison from the system and rebuild every blood corpuscle, fibre, tissue and organ until the whole body of the patient is restored. This is done in accordance with co-operation of natural laws, without which healing activities become almost impossible.


Healing activities are normally carried on at the Rosicrucian Fellowship Headquarters every day. But it is intensified weekly when the Moon is in a Cardinal sign of the zodiac, at the hour of service at 6.30pm. The virtue of the Cardinal signs is the dynamic energy which they infuse into every patient. Therefore, the healing thoughts of Helpers throughout the world are endowed with added power when launched upon errands of mercy.

Hence, anyone capable of assisting in this great work must endeavour to sit down quietly when the clock in his/her place of residence points to the given hour at 6.30pm. Meditate on health and Divine love and pray to the great physician, our Father in Heaven, for the restoration to health of all who suffer, particularly those who have applied to Headquarters for healing and those who may not have been able to ask for such assistance.


Any Religion is valuable to the extent that it makes people better here and now. Such a Religion should make people kind and considerate at home, conscientious in all their business dealings, loyal to their friends, and ready to forgive their enemies. The Mystical Teachings will do all these, if they are thoroughly understood and practiced.

We can say that we do not know of any Teaching that is so all embracing which can make people to become more friendlier, humanitarian, kinder, lovelier and serviceable than this Teaching founded by Max Heindel and promulgated by the Rosicrucian Fellowship. The more we show these virtues in our daily lives to others in the visible world, the more shall we qualify as both conscious and unconscious Invisible Helpers. As above so below and vice versa. Fittingly, the Healing Service reads concerning our Emblem, “The pure white rose is symbolical of the HEART of the INVISIBLE HELPER; the red roses stand for His cleansed blood; the white cross brings to mind His body; and the golden star represents the Golden Wedding Garment which is made by pure living”.

May Divine Love guides us all in this great work for Humanity.

- Abraham Obeng


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  2. Amber M Turtle: Work of Invisible Helpers

  3. The Holy Bible


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