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Individuation - the price of war

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception tells us that once upon a time, the earth was part of the Sun. It was a period in our history when the entire human life wave was permeated with unity, but this homogeneous state of affairs could not continue if we were to become individuated. Everything we did from the very beginning during the Saturn period in building our bodies was to enable us to consciously use these bodies. That is a universal principle - whatever we create must be put to use in order to prove its value. As the popular saying goes, use it or lose it. This is demonstrated clearly in the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception where the rebirth cycle shows that we build our bodies in-between our lives in order to use them during our stay on the physical plane.

Our journey involves 7 evolutionary periods and within each period are 7 globes which are fields of environment. When the human lifewave travels around all 7 globes once - this is known as a revolution. There are 7 revolutions around the 7 globes. The stay on each globe is further divided into 7 epochs which are also capable of further subdivisions, without limit. The actual work for each period is not started until all the previous periods and revolutions have been recapitulated. The evolution process is so thorough and it spans such a vast period of time that it’s beyond the ordinary human mind to comprehend.

We are currently on the Earth period and have so far completed four revolutions around the 7 globes and are presently situated on the fourth globe. In Rosicrucian terminology, within this fourth globe, we have completed the Polarian Epoch, the Hyperborean Epoch, the Lemurian Epoch, the Atlantean Epoch and are currently going through the Aryan Epoch. Scientists estimate the earth is 4.5 billion years old. This estimation includes what can be measured of the present visible earth and not the etheric, desire or thought like conditions of the earth during our stay on earlier globes, not to speak of our stay during earlier periods. To truly measure the length of time we have been on this evolutionary journey since we began on the first globe during the first Saturn period is impossible and beyond the scope of this article.

This article is about one of the things we’re trying to achieve during this current Earth period - Individuation. According to the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, human beings will achieve full waking objective consciousness by the end of this Earth period. We will fully enter our bodies, use these bodies and extract the experience as soul power. However this doesn’t happen all at once. During this earth period, we’re particularly concerned with using the physical body which we started during the Saturn Period and extracting the experience as Conscious Soul. The physical body will reach its highest state of perfection at the end of this earth period. The same can not be said for our other bodies because we do not yet have full waking consciousness in relation to our vital body, desire body or mind, unless we’re initiated. An initiate is capable of sustaining full waking consciousness at all times and doesn’t need sleep in leaving and entering his/her physical body. That state of condition for the majority of humanity is reserved for the future.

Most of us think we’re awake during the day, but forgetting where we left our keys in the morning tells us we’re not very awake. It's not just a matter of poor memory although that is also a factor, but we miss a lot of detail about our daily lives because we’re not present in the moment. Being present or living mindfully, as it's known in popular culture, is important for spiritual development. It’s important because paying attention to the world around us means we’re using our senses to interact with our environment, and thereby develop Conscious Soul. This might sound awfully simplistic but having clear pictures is important for reviewing our lives, either during retrospection or in the after death panorama. We can not successfully extract the experience of life as soul material if our images of these experiences are unclear or fussy. Max Hendiel goes as far as to say that if you have poor eyesight and need two or three glasses to perceive your environment clearly then do so.

Broadly speaking there are three types of people in the world:

  • Those whose Ego has not yet fully entered into the physical body (These people sometimes possess negative clairvoyant abilities and are generally etheric. They do not have strong desires and they’re not yet strongly connected to material things)

  • Those whose Ego has fully entered into the body and are learning the lessons of the material world (The vast majority of present humanity falls into this category - with strong connection to the earth and strong desires, these people are generally highly materialistic)

  • Those whose Egos have drank the full cups of this material world and are ready to re-enter the spiritual worlds. (These people are very few and possess the ability to fully develop positive spiritual talents)

We all need a certain amount of material development. Even when we’re ready to consciously re-enter the spiritual worlds, it doesn’t mean that we fly into inner states of metaphysical bliss and leave this world behind. Christ says in John 17: 14-15 “I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.” In short, be in the world but not of the world. Max Hendiel warns us to not isolate ourselves from the world in meditative bliss and deceive ourselves into thinking we’re making spiritual progress. Everybody who doesn’t apply themselves vigorously to learn the lessons on this material plane is eventually forced back to this path.

However, at the same time we’re told that “the kingdom of heaven is within” Luke 17:20 -21. and in order to be successful in spiritual matters, we have to go deeper and deeper into inner states of consciousness. We can reconcile these things when we realise that whatever spiritual insights we gain from going within must be put to use and applied outwardly. Use it or lose it. If we do this successfully, we'll be more active and alert in the world than so-called worldly people. We’ll become potent forces for the good things on this physical plane, where our talents are needed. We can perceive the inner soul qualities of each other just like we did in Lemurain times with the added benefit of objectivity and serve the divine essence hidden within each other.

This principle of going within and coming outward can be observed on all levels; the internal and external, spirit and matter, death and rebirth, active manifestation and chaos, applies on every plane of consciousness.

At the end of the Hyperborean epoch the Earth was separated from the Sun. We needed a safe distance from the other evolving Hierarchies to unfold and continue our path to individuation. There are many creative Hierarchies who work with humanity to help us forward with our evolutionary journey including Angels, Archangels, Lords of Mind and etc. To achieve the goal of waking consciousness, we were placed under the guidance of Jehovah and the race spirits (the Archangels) from the end of the Lumeria Epoch who began to separate humanity into different groups, races and nations. From the Atlantean Epoch, groups of people broke up and settled in different parts of the earth under these race spirits. The 'Story of Atlantis’ by W. Scott-Elliott gives a wonderful account of how this was accomplished so that the homogeneous human family could be broken up to evolve separate characteristics - first into races, nations, families and finally individuals

From the Cosmo Conception - "To the trained clairvoyant, a tribal-spirit appears as a cloud enveloping and permeating the atmosphere of the whole country inhabited by the people under its dominion. Thus are produced the different peoples and nations.” p. 350.

and also

"At the time the Race-spirit entered human bodies the individualised Ego commenced to get some slight control of its vehicles. Each human entity became more and more conscious of being separate and distinct from other men, yet for ages he did not think of himself primarily as an individual, but as belonging to a tribe or family.” p.351

The race spirits are the main agents of war. The bible teaches us that they cooperate with each other and urge their people to fight against other groups (Dainel 10:13). The distorted energies of humanity have been used in war since the Atlantean times to bring us to individuation. In war there is pain and suffering and unfortunately pain and suffering is the medium through which we have chosen to wake up. Since the fall of humanity, we have accepted pain as one of the conditions to come to an awareness of the material world.

To some degree, we're more free from the influence of race spirits now than before the time of Jesus Christ. In the 21st Century we see the world getting smaller, globalisation is breaking down barriers between nations. The times of old when our food, clothing, traditions and customs were tightly controlled by the race spirits are behind the majority of humanity although we still hear people saying "oh what a shame that we're losing our culture and traditions, the young people nowadays don't respect our culture." These sayings betray the fact that some people are deeply tied to the idea of race and tradition under the influence of race spirits. Everything is constantly changing and adaptability is necessary to adjust to these changes.

We see the effects of globalisation and international marriage is producing an awareness and acceptance of different cultures - all pointing towards the preparation for the Aquarian Age. For example most people nowadays eat food from other cultures and cuisines, something which would have been unthinkable a few centuries ago.The nations on earth which are most fettered by government and its people restrained in various ways are likely to be those nations where the race spirits still have the strongest influence. Once the individuals of a nation are freed from the influence of the race spirits, they are no longer tightly bound by the ruling authority but have more freedom.

War is terrible. The pain and suffering it brings is felt more keenly by the 'saints of God' and all those who are closely allied with Christ than perhaps the people engaged directly in the battle itself. This is because of their more highly developed sensitivity. However war is an important part of our history and perhaps our future. In the ‘Kingdom of God’ everything works together for good and our teachings tells us to look for the good in every situation. Current events suggest the time of war is not behind us and the agents of destiny are still using this tool to bring us to individuation. But for how long will this state of affairs continue? Will the Aquarian Age bring peace?

Saturn is co-ruler with Uranus over Aquarius. Saturn is also the ruler of Capricorn. This tells us that the next 4000+ years from the beginning of the Aquarian age to the end of the Capricorn age will be a continuous period of Saturnian influence. Saturn is the lord of time, of ripe destiny and of correcting our mistakes. This suggests an opportunity for humanity to right our collective mistakes. Max Heindel calls the Aquarian Age the final preparatory age for humanity to get in line.

Looking closer at Max Heindel's writings, he says the Aquarian Age must not be confused with the Sixth Epoch, which also must not be confused with the Second Coming of Christ. These are different events which may or may not happen concurrently.

From the Question and Answers Vol 11, Q110 - "The Aquarian Age is not to be confused with the kingdom of Christ, who is to come again. Neither is the Aquarian Age to be confused with the Sixth (Galilean) Epoch, for to quote the words of Christ, "Of that day and hour (when He comes), knows no man; neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." It is absolutely preposterous and a mark of ignorance for anyone to predict that the coming of Christ will take place at a certain, specified time. Perhaps it is even presumptuous to guess at the approximate time when the Second Advent will take place, but the writer has the idea that, as the precessional cycles, so far as they are connected with the evolution of man, seem to commence with the Sun's entrance into Capricorn, there may be a development at that time. If that is correct, the Advent cannot take place for at least three thousand years."

The process of individuation and the freedom it brings is not without its dangers. If one is not careful, the process can lead to egotism. The war of all against all is spoken about in the book of Revelation, which is the effect of egotism leading to a lack of cooperation. We all need humility, which allows us to put aside personal differences and opinions for the common good. The beautiful paradox of individuation, if done correctly and blended with Christ-like love, is that it gives greater scope for collaboration and cooperation. An example comes to mind during the lockdown when everyone at work was encouraged to form virtual groups online. A member of the team refused to join one such group which had been created for socialising purposes. However, by refusing to participate in the group, she made herself an outcast at a time when physical contact with the outside world was limited.

Does it mean we join groups and do activites that we have no interest in? Of course not, the point is that we shouldn’t isolate ourselves from the world because we’re now individuated. The end goal of individuation is not individuation for its own sake but it’s to reunite each individual into a universal human family, each with waking objective consciousness and acting in cooperation with one another. This is why the true christain religion is so important- it is only by Christ that we can reunite with each other in spirit. We can learn much from the Archangels who cooperate with each other in war. We mustn’t become egotistical and carry out our own separate activities which will surely leave us off balance, which is the mistake that the Lucifer spirits made.

In the next Jupiter period, we will go on to do other things but for now, individuation is a process that is yet to be completed. Until there is freedom for all there can not be freedom for any and the promise of peace and goodwill for all humanity as sang by the Angels on the holy night for the universal human family is still waiting to be fulfilled.


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