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Wonder of Antiquity - Stonehenge

Welcome to Stonehenge! It is one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world. Yes! It is still here in South-Western England. It would be a job to remove it! This fascinating place will cause every visitor to pause and ponder about the wisdom of the ancients. It is an awe-inspiring place to visit especially during the summer season.

On the front page of English Heritage’s brochure are the words; “Stonehenge - the greatest mystery of the prehistoric world”. Stonehenge is situated on Salisbury plain, South-Western corner of England. It is close to the town of Amesbury. Hence when travelling by car, this town is the final destination. The nearest train station in this area is at Salisbury.

The enigma of the whole place, coupled with the great work of English Heritage, make Stonehenge a site of wonder. With their audio tour of the place and its history, one can understand how these uncut stones were quarried and transported to the site. In truth, this is a great feat of engineering. How this was accomplished by prehistoric man is still a mystery.

Some researchers into ancient worlds have identified Stonehenge as a temple of the ancient Druids. It was their headquarters. It is believed by researchers that those kinds of stones could only be found in three areas outside that part of England. These are Cornwall, Wales and Ireland. (Pyramids and Stonehenge, by A. P. Sinnet) Thus, the theory that the stones were quarried and transported from South Wales might be authentic.

Among all the nations of antiquity, Altars, Moulds, and Temples were dedicated to the worship of the orb of the day – Sun. Notable among them being Stonehenge in England. Like the Pyramids, Stonehenge was made to represent Deity or the Sun-God. Therefore, the candle was the symbol overshadowing the stone cir

The Druidic Order is deservedly credited with having a deep understanding of Nature and Her Laws. The encyclopedia Britannica states that, Geography, Physical Science, Natural Theology and Astrology were their favourite studies. The Druids also had a fundamental knowledge of Medicine, especially the use of herbs. They were hence priests and physicians, curing by magnetism and charging amulets with their fluidic influence.

One famous researcher – Manly Palmer Hall, has written this piece about the stones; “The Druids’ temple or places of worship were not patterned after those of other nations. Most of their ceremonies were performed at night, either in thick grooves of Oak trees or around open-air Altars built of great uncut stones. How these masses of rocks were moved has not been satisfactorily explained. The most famous of their Altars, a great ring of rocks is Stonehenge, in South-Western England. This structure, laid out on an Astronomical basis, still stands, a wonder of antiquity”. Is it any wonder, then, that the attempt by 21st century man to transport some stones from Wales across the sea failed? Maybe we shall succeed in the not a distant future. To this day, every summer devotees from this ancient Order come to Stonehenge to perform rites of the Summer Solstice.

It is known that Jesus of Nazareth had been in charge of guiding many esoteric branches which sprang up all over Europe, and this revelation by Max Heindel is very instructive, “The Druids of Ireland and the Trottes of Northern Russia were esoteric schools through which the Master Jesus worked during the so-called ‘Dark Ages’; but dark though they were, the spiritual impulse spread, compared to the growing materialism of the last three hundred years, which has increased physical knowledge immensely, but has almost extinguished the Light of the Spirit” (Rays magazine, July/August 1998)

The Stonehenge kitchen, provided by English Heritage, is also superb. It serves all kinds of hot and cold meals, with many other refreshments. They are perfect meals for such mind-blowing exploration of Nature. The Salisbury plain is one of the places to visit by all students of comparative Religion and all people who want to see Nature’s wonders. It serves as a research site for serious students who wish to know the wisdom of the ancient Minds and their Religions.

The more we appreciate the wonders of Nature, the more we shall feel for humanity. Such humanitarian feeling will also enhance our work in the world because it will be centred on Love for Nature and Compassion for humankind. When such feeing is added to our knowledge, we become more useful in service to society.

By. Abraham Obeng


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